[urq] Mustang verses 959

Robin Gilmour quattroguy83 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 1 11:17:05 EDT 2006

Dear Audifans:

The collector car market is insane.

In 1971 you wanted a RS Camaro or a Mach 1 mustang. 
The cudas and challengers were crap.  In fact all
mopars were crap, pieces fell off as you left the

Today you could buy a fleet of camaro's and mustangs
for the price of a hemi cuda.

The exotic supercar market is way down.  You can buy
an F1 or F40 for pennies on the dollar for what they
cost new.  Would you really rather have a hemi cuda
conv. for $2.0 M or one of each of the famous
supercars and some change left over.

And people are paying fortunes for old Detroit iron
that was junk when they were new and are just freshly
polished pieces of junk today!!!!!

Look at Shelby Mustangs, they were "kit cars".  Mr.
Shelby bought new stangs and did a bunch of bolt on
part upgrades.  That's it!!!  And yet they are worth a
fortune now.  So whats really the difference between a
clone and the real thing.  The date the parts were
bolted on?

Just something to ponder.


Robin Gilmour

83 urq
83.5 urq
85 4000 racecar
98 A6 
01 S4

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