[urq] Mustang verses 959

j.koenig j.koenig at adelphia.net
Thu Jun 1 18:29:18 EDT 2006

In the eye of the beholder?

The Hemi at least bumps up against your #2 (competition history); it is and was a legend 
in certain circles (let's not get started on the modern "Hemi," which, of course, isn't!)

The 'Cuda, in at least some people's minds, is the most attractive body ever sold with 
that engine in it. Also, unlike the impressions given by lust-inspiring buff-books of the 
day, they didn't actually build that many real ones.

I'd like to close by saying, yes, "engineering breakthroughs" and also a fair number of 
wanna-be breakthroughs!

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The most desirable collector cars meet certain requirements:

Now where does a piece of shit Heni cuda fit the mold?

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