[urq] Alternator

Ado Sigal a.sigal at bluewin.ch
Mon Jun 5 22:24:36 EDT 2006

Well bigger is better, but make sure that later model VR is used that 
has 14.5 V charge limit (although on the box and on the unit there is 
always 14V printed, so Bosch catalogue has to be consulted). After 
changing VR, test it with everything on, and see if voltage continues to 
drop, or does it hold the voltage at same level. If not, you have to 
find safe level of load, keep your eye on the voltmeter, or upgrade. Not 
sure about 120 A, but shouldn't be to far of for an adaptation to the 2B 
bracket. BTW, everything relayed there?

Brandon Rogers wrote:

>Since the 3B conversion - I've been using the Alt from the 200 - which
>is 120 AMP IIRC.  And IIRC the urq Alt is 90 AMP.  To use the 2B
>Relocation Bracket I think I must use the Urq Alt - and I guess I just
>want to make sure the 90 AMP is adequate in full usage scenarios since I
>htink I'd be using more than what ever came from the factory - Full Elec
>usage in summer could consist of a/c, the big 200 20V cooling fan ( up
>to 500W??), hi beams at 4 X 100W plus other lights, stereo (120W -ish
>max).....hmm wipers etc
>and in winter - heated seats, hi beams, rear defrost, stereo, cooling
>I think you get the picture - 

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