[urq] Saw an R8 today...

Louis-Alain Richard laraa at sympatico.ca
Sun Jun 11 21:23:33 EDT 2006

It was the "Sommet des Légendes" at Mont Tremblant this week-end, a
vintage race weekend. Since the track is the own personal playground of
some rich businessman, there was a lot of $$$ machinery, including some
60's and 70's Ferraris (250GT, 275GTB, 333SP, 250GTO, even a BB512i), a
genuine Aston-Martin DBR 1989 (with a 32V 6.1 Liter engine!), a bridcage
Maserati, a 250F, some prewar Alfas and Maserati, plus numerous little
guys like Elvas, Porsches, BMWs, Lotuses, Chevrons, even a Turner (you
remember these, Brady ?). 
My personal podium of favorites:
1- 3.0 liter Ferrari, maybe a 250GT, with the traditionnal Ansa exhaust,
so smooth and quiet,  the sound was nothing less than magical. 
2- The Lotus Elan (Type 26?) hardtop race car, probably with a
coventry-Climax engine, revving like 10 000 rpm during 1/2 an hour. It
was fast and noisy.
3- The early 911 (1963 or about), with the narrow Fuchs wheels, a 2.0L,
and the stock mufflers. The same car that McQueen drives at the
beginning of Lemans. This one also was real smooth and this must be the
most perfect sound for a flat-6. Like a turbine.
But then, a familiar logo struck my eye: a gorgeous, 2000 R8 under the
Champion livery. Beautiful car, but it had some issues (it sounds
familiar...). We only heard it for about 3 laps, all glorious turbo
sound we love, and then it retired. When we saw it under repair later,
we saw a mechanic investigating the engine for a leak of some kind. It
was hard, but I DIDN'T suggested him to look for Pentosin... 
Now I know better why I drive an old car; ask me to choose between a
nasty fast, rock-hard and obnoxious full race car and one of these
oldies, you know which one I will choose. These old racers are so much
more alive, they lean, dive, squat, skid, they do move but without being
glued to the track. For the show, it's a lot better. I guess that
driving these is also a lot more a thing of precision than when the car
is so much better than your driving skills... I am hooked. 

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