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Martin Pajak


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I agree with all the sentiments expressed here.  The thing is that the
recommended text doesn't really get the intended message across ... I think
with a little head scratching here we can resolve that.  The message needs
to be short and to the point.  Something like "AUDI PLEASE SUPPLY PARTS FOR
YOUR CLASSICS" ... but even that is too long.  Any other thoughts?  Once we
get it down we should be able to put the same message out at the other
venues ...

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)
> Right on Mike, how about  AUDI YOU ARE A DISGRACE banner. Could go well
> with Le Mans win.
> >How about as many disenchanted owners of old Audi's as possible
> >attend Mosport to watch the Le Mans oil burners. We setup on one
> >of the corners with suitable camera coverage and post banners
> >regarding Audi's obsolescing parts. That should give them some
> >"new" ur-q publicity?
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