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This all was boldly underscored by a TV ad I saw when I got home from work
tonight.  It was for the Q7, which was shown going up Pikes Peak (the race
btw, is this Saturday, no coincidence, I'm sure).  The footage was a splice
back and forth between Q7 and Sport Q.  

No clearer justification for our pursuit is necessary.


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> Hi Wylie,
> This is my own personal point of view of the problem, and 
> since you asked so nicely... If you can ask the "brass" where 
> to direct our request, it will be a nice gain of time. And we 
> can easily translate it in the language of their choice...
> For me, the problem lies in two areas: 
> - parts that are no longer available, and that we need to 
> keep the cars running or looking great. Most of them are 
> specific, but not difficult to reproduce even in small 
> quantities. More, these parts are not available from the 
> usual aftermarket suppliers, mainly because the Quattro was 
> made is such small numbers. Many owners, when facing an NLA 
> part, follow the alternative route which is the conversion to 
> a newer system. Then, the car is no longer an "original" 
> vehicle, for all that's worth. We can provide a detailed list 
> of the parts we need.
> - parts that are way too expensive (for no economic reason) 
> here in North America, especially in Canada. One good example 
> are the subframe
> bushings: all the 8 of them would cost you 540$CDN if ordered 
> through an Audi dealer in Canada. That is for 8 simple 
> rubber/metal bushings. When ordered in Swiss, the cost for 
> the same parts, same part numbers, same manufacturer (BOGE 
> parts made in 2003) was 105$CDN. How can someone justify a 5x 
> increase just by crossing the ocean ? I have many other 
> examples, but you get the point. 
> For me, these two points are related to a lack of support 
> from AoA. They can easily justify this by supply and demand, 
> stocking charges, low volume, etc., but the feeling I have is 
> one of disinterest from the manufacturer. It takes some 
> effort to keep history rolling (litteraly, in our case), an 
> effort where money is not the only parameter. 
> Thanks in advance,
> Louis-Alain Richard
> Montreal PQ,
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> > Anybody want to type something tasteful up for me quickly? 
> I'll see a 
> > lot of Audi brass on Thursday evening....including the head of AoA.
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