[urq] Letter to Audi : first try, the parts...

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
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Exactly- it makes me think twice about purchasing a new VAG product when
in the back of my head there is a little voice saying I will have parts
availability problems in a few years.


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To my mind a list of parts isn't necessary and might tend to confuse the
issue ... 

The letter I'm contemplating would explain that I am a long time Audi
fan, having owned Audis exclusively for over 25 years and having
purchased my urq in 1986.  I would express my reasons for choosing Audis
... quattro specifically, but also some of the products and advanced
technologies that Audi has brought to the market ... like Procon-Ten or
a luxury car in the US with a manual transmission (1991 V8Q).  As time
has passed the dealers were less and less able to service my cars, so I
learned how to fix them myself.  Now I am finding that Audi does not
appear willing to provide a supply of the parts that I would need to
maintain my cars in operable fashion.  Seeing Audi has not forgotten the
history of quattro in current ad campaigns, why wouldn't they want to
support those of us who make those same cars visible on the streets
today by simply continuing to supply the parts people like me need?  I
see other marques which support the repair market for fans who made the
decision to buy cars other than Audis.  Audi needs to realize that by
not supporting the owners of the older models they are sending a message
that they don't expect the cars to last that long to begin with, not a
good prospect for someone expecting to get high resale value on their
premium car purchase!  I remember ads for million mile Volvos.  I also
find it painful to admit that while I am starting to realize that I need
a car newer than 15 years old, and that car might perhaps be a brand new
car ... that I'm finding it difficult to justify for myself the purchase
of another Audi.  

... any others out there have any follow on thoughts in this vein?  I
remember meeting Len Hunt in 1999, he seemed pretty jazzed to see so
many "classic" Audis gathered at the Historics.  Perhaps it was all just
to appease the crowds ... but perhaps it might make sense for those of
us in the USA to contact him ... did a web search ... looks like Len is
now heading Kia!!!

Perhaps there is no hope for us ...

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)
> Hmm.  It appears to me that a strategy not unlike warfare may be 
> necessary. By that I mean one must go for a two-pronged attack.
> 1.  Definitely the letter route, whereby specifics are discussed
> and then
> 2. the Banner "we're Upset" Ads for the events.
> Unfortunately, Audi is not in the same position as BMW, MB or Porsche 
> in this regard.  All of these manufacturers have produced a great many

> cars which are adored and fussed-over by afficianados and collectors.

> Aside from the Urq, that really can not be said of vintage Audi cars.
> Plus the fact that these were more or less hand-built and their 
> (relatively) limited production are also working against us.
> Don't get me wrong, I'm all for it!!!
> Ingo

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