[urq] 3B swap or 200 20VT - relay j49 - necessary?

alexander stickler a_stickler at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 29 10:40:05 EDT 2006

OK. More information for all who answered my earlier

J49 Electronic Engine Control Power Supply Relay is
shown on current tracks 17 to 20 on the 1991 200
Quattro 20V Turbo wiring diagram. It is shown as being
in position 1 on the auxiliary Relay panel (middle
row, left side) on the 200.

The relay has 5 pins: Pin 1 comes from fusebox
terminal BS (fuel pump relay post 47/T), Pin 2 comes
from L30 (battery), pin 4 goes to (black) goes to pin
27 on the ECU, pin 8 goes to fuse 29 and feeds the 02
sensor heater, and pin 5 to fuse 24, which goes to
ISV, wastegate freq. valve, and the carbon canister
frequency valve.

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