[urq] My (brief) chat with the Audi brass

Bob D mx at maxboostracing.com
Fri Jun 30 10:26:46 EDT 2006

Ive had this chat several times with the audi brass as well. I have been 
to a few special events where it was literally 10 of us, 9 audi folks 
and myself, amongst then Rod, Axel, Dave, etc.  They felt my pain but in 
a nutshell said "why would we stock parts for a 25 year old car, of 
which very few were made?"  then they went on to say "We are in the 
business of selling new cars, not old cars" and at that point I knew it 
was the end.
I have since sold my 83 UrQ, both my 4000Q's and my 85 urq is on the 
block next... They dont want to support us, why should I support them?

Wylie Bean wrote:
> Fellow Ur-q enthusiasts,
> I did get a very brief chance to speak directly with Johan De
> Nysschen, Executive VP of Audi of America, among others whose names I
> can't recall other than Peter Bartlett, and the Area 79 Manager Harry
> Oxnard, and the FOM for the same region, Joe Koteles yesterday
> evening.  Harry was my ASM when I was an ABS, and he introduced me to
> Johan.  He seemed very genuine and appreciative of the response and
> attendance of the event in a town/market like Winston-Salem NC.
> Flow was celebrating the opening of their second "World of Audi"
> (hangar) building, and the Champion R8 and RS6 Speed GT cars were on
> hand as well.  It made for a pretty good environment.  I told him I
> was very much an enthusiast, and a long-time owner of Audis, but was
> saddened by what seemed like a lack of support for the cars that made
> Audi, the original quattro.  It didn't hurt that Eddie Pyle had a
> pristine original Gobi Urq that he drove up from TN for the event
> which I couldn't help but point out as I was making my point.  I
> mentioned the obsolescence of critical parts required to keep the cars
> on the road, and wondered if he was aware of the issue.  To shorten a
> not-so-long answer, he said he was not, but but would look into it.
> Joe Koteles, who's been with Audi in the fixed ops capacity for a long
> time, was aware of it, and knowing him a whole lot better, I actually
> was able to drive the point home I thought better than in the limited
> time I had with De Nysschen.  He said he would make a point to keep
> bringing that up in his communications with his superiors.  I don't
> know what good any of this may have done, as it could just as easily
> be lip service as it was genuine, but hey, it's a start.
> Wylie Bean
> TheRingmeister at triad.rr.com
> 90 Cq
> 99.5 A4 Avant 1.8Tq
> 01 allroad q 2.7T
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