[urq] Letter to Audi : first try, the parts...

steven j michellepfeiffersx at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 30 21:01:34 EDT 2006

In Sept 2004 about 7 urqs showed up at the Lime Rock
Park Vintage Car show - which required cars to be 1984
or older.  Spectators looked over the urqs with
serious interest.  There were plenty of Porsche and
BMW there also - but Audi has some positive

If they don't get us basic parts - we won't be able
make it soon - so car enthusisast will see a total
absence of Audi at limerock and maybe also at German
Car day at Lars in boston - but plenty of BMW .

I don't think anyone went to limerock with the urq in
2005 because UPG-CT was the prior week.

So audi should support our cars - like BMW and
mercedes do,  otherwise they're going to be absent
from LimeRock type events.  THey are just a second
rate car company with no history or with cars nobody
wants to get emotionally attached to.   Second rate

I like my urq but I'm not a motorgeek - so as time
goes on I'll probably end up buying parts from
passionate individuals on the list that end up
producing parts for  group buys.  If Audi had any
brains they'd support the cars, but if something
brakes on my car I can take it off the road for 6
months or even a year waiting for a part to show up.

I never bought an Audi new - almost in '95 but I got a
volvo instead.  I'm thinking Volvo parts will be
available for a long time - as I still have that 11
year old car and it's only got 70k miles on it. 

I don't mind putting up bad press if I go to Limerock
again - in 2003 a urq photo from limerock made it into
Road and Track.  Maybe in 2006 we can get another
photo in R&T with a banner - 'Audi has abandoned it's
classics, buy BMW'  Whatever it takes.  


--- Ingo Rautenberg <i.rautenberg at waratap.com> wrote:

> Hmm.  It appears to me that a strategy not unlike
> warfare may be necessary.
> By that I mean one must go for a two-pronged attack.
> 1.  Definitely the letter route, whereby specifics
> are discussed
> and then
> 2. the Banner "we're Upset" Ads for the events.
> Unfortunately, Audi is not in the same position as
> BMW, MB or Porsche in
> this regard.  All of these manufacturers have
> produced a great many cars
> which are adored and fussed-over by afficianados and
> collectors.  Aside from
> the Urq, that really can not be said of vintage Audi
> cars.
> Plus the fact that these were more or less
> hand-built and their (relatively)
> limited production are also working against us.
> Don't get me wrong, I'm all for it!!!
> Ingo
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