[urq] Oil temperature readings

Maurits Jonkergouw urq at moregraphics.nl
Mon Mar 20 20:46:21 EST 2006

Recently I've noticed my oil temp indicates 130-170C after a 15-20 min drive (normally it stayed way below 130 with normal driving and only went above 130-140 when driving very fast over long periods of time). I'm talking later style dash oil temp led's.

This makes me wonder if my temp sender is just at fault or something is really wrong engine wise...

So here's the questions: 

- what are normal temp readings, perhaps they are OK now and my sender was giving me low readings for years and now it is fixed :-)?

- what normally causes oil run this hot if something else is wrong? (oil is not old and at correct level)

- when I pushed (and hold a few sec) the sigarette lighter before, the oil temp led's went on one by one until the whole bar was full (last led is red). I always thought this was a autocheck, just to make sure all led's are operative... Can you verify this please with your car? (those with later style dashes of course). At the moment this 'check' -if I'm correct- does not function any more.

- is there any technical data of the temp sender available i.e. at how much resistance at what temperatures, so I can check it with a DMM. 

BTW I can't find the P/N for this sender in ETKA... the only oil temp sender I found for the WR-GV was not at the right position in the picture (my sender is located at right front side of the engine where the oil pan mates the block). Can anybody check this out please, I can't seem to find the P/N. The only P/N I found which slightly resambles my real location is for the RR and this one is positoned at the left side :confused:

Thanks in advance as usual.


1986 quattro GV
1985 Coupe GT KV
1982 Coupe GL DD

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