[urq] 80 Euro FS in ebay...

Pasqualoni, James E james.pasqualoni at gs.com
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Message from the seller on my VIN query...

Hi, The VIN is a WMI Vin number. World Manufacturer Identification, mainly
used by Europeans. USA uses SAE (Society Automotive Engineers). Both numbers
can be used in America, however the SAE clearly shows the production year
(10th digit), WMI doesn't. Anyway, the car was manufacturer in 1981 in
Ingoldstadt and written prove will be provided. It was first registered in
1982, but it is indeed a 1981 production year. The Car has a label on the
door post, showing Nov. 1981. The problem is, that my Digital camera doesnt
have a good enough zoom to make a sharp picture. I tried that already. I
will have to find a regular camera and develop the film. I will, of course,
do that anyway. But, rest assure, it was manufactured in Nov. 1981. I also
contacted Ingoldstadt to send a complete code list, man. date, etc. on this
car in writing (just for the records). Does that answer your question?

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I hadn't analyzed the VIN-thanks.  Talk about from the "too good to be true

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Wellll, this doesn't quite add up.  First off, it is an '82 production
model, and a late one at that assuming that the VIN is correct.  My '82 car,
CA900652 was built in 12/81, CA901254 would have been built well into '82.
There is no way possible way to call that car an '81.  That would be a
problem with the 25 year EPA/DOT rules quoted, which I find hard to believe
that it would be that easy.

My guess is this guy in Switzerland saw that '83 go for $22k (there was a
lot of talk about that on the German urquattro forum), and wanted to find a
way to cash in.  My guess is you would get the car here and then the
nightmare would begin.  




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