[urq] Hot Start Problems Continued...

Bob D mx at maxboostracing.com
Tue May 2 11:19:10 EDT 2006

I dont know... If it were parked over night its OK but parked for a few 
minutes its not? I would think that if it were a faulty checkvalve, the 
bleed down time overnight would create excessive cranking in the morning 
and not have anything to do with hot start problems.
Id be looking at injector seals or spray pattern maybe?

Pasqualoni, James E wrote:
> Urq.  Yes, that is my suspicion and why I ordered one a few months back.
> Just have to install it now.  I hope that's all it is!
> Thanks. 
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> Which car is this on, UrQ or 5kq?  My first bet is the check valve at the
> fuel pump.
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>> The Symptoms:
>> When cold, car starts immediately upon cranking.  Runs great with no
> issues.
>> Idle is strong and steady at 850 rpm.
>> Hot Starts:
>> When attempting a hot start, after the car has been sitting for a few 
>> minutes, it immediately catches, stumbles, then stalls.  Car will 
>> continue cranking with good spark, but there appears to be some vapor 
>> lock or flooding-not sure.  No strong smell of gas at all.
>> What's Been Done:
>> -New 85 deg C injector cooling fan thermo switch.  Injector cooling 
>> fan works fine -New vacuum thermo switch (the one on the block near 
>> the ig distributor -Checked for vacuum leaks-none found
>> What should I pursue next?  I was leaning towards fuel pump check 
>> valve, then injectors.  Does this make sense?  I don't believe that 
>> there are any vacuum leaks, however, I will keep checking this as well.
>> Thoughts, suggestions, please?
>> TIA,
>> Jim
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