[urq] Sunroof not sealing

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Thu May 4 13:51:45 EDT 2006

... sorry to hear that what I thought would work didn't ... 

One thing that comes to mind ... in fact it came to mind so quickly I wonder if this isn't what I actually did to fix the problem ... is to get a longer screw and add separate nuts underneath the crank mechanism ...

When I checked my car I just checked the top, I did not remove the cover underneath ... 

Did you look for wear on the drive gear?

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)
> Okay so last night I was [attempting] putting back together the sunroof -
> and after the cleaning and such, upon reassembly - same problem.  Gear is
> slipping still.  So I figured I'd swap over to the other set of mounting
> holes for the drive gear - as Steve B said below, there is a second set of
> threads on the drive gear assembly - with A LOT more thread, and a second
> set of holes on the car.  Same thread - the old screw go right in - but
> guess what - THEY DON'T LINE UP!!!  ARrrrrrgghhhh!  WTF!!   My original
> holes are pretty much stripped - so today I will try to swing by a salvage
> yard if I can't find the piece new....

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