[urq] 83 Mars Red Urq for sale

Pasqualoni, James E james.pasqualoni at gs.com
Mon May 8 07:48:21 EDT 2006


I'm selling the urq, and I wanted to send word out to the list before
listing it publicly.  Car is an early 83, Mars Red with brown interior,
90,xxx original miles.  F & R suspension underwent complete tear down and
rebuild last year (incl new fuel lines).  Has a re-built head within the
last 2 yrs, and Interior is complete, no tears on seats, no cracks on dash.
RS2 turbo on WX motor with custom IA software (max boost 15 psi).  Oil
cooler, lines and turbo water lines from a 5kcstq.  UrS brakes, front and
rear.  New clutch master and slave, new Bils HD dampers in oe springs, 4 new
8" R8 wheels.  Euro H4/H1 lights with Blau harness, euro bumpers with new
fogs and signal lenses, blacked out rear lenses (Swiss-with larger opening
for US plate), etc, etc.  There is some minor rust bubling in the usual
spot-just aft of the front qp weld with the rocker panels.  Strut towers are
solid as a rock.

Very nice car, lots of new parts and fastidiously maintained.  The only
thing the car needs is to have hot-start problem addressed, unless I can
scare up the time to diagnose and fix it myself.  Car will come with all
parts removed during modifications, in case new owner wants to convert her
back to stock again.  Red Line 15W50 oil only.  T-belt servce sone 2
years/1k miles ago.  All known electrical issues addressed.

Asking $14.5k.  If anyone's interested or would like to see pics, pls let me
know, as I'll be listing the car in the next day or two.


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