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> so I just called a dealer to see about price/availability of a new gear 
> drive- the guy said they are available for ......get
> this...........$93!!!!! 

> I think it is actually a carbon fiber impregnated titanium shell with a 
> platinum gear.
> sheesh.
> Off to the salvage yard....
> Brandon

Ha!  I spit on your toes, sir!  At least you MAY find a replacement at a
salvage yard. What's the chance that you'd find a sunroof gasket in good
shape at the same place?  Probably slim to none.

Why do I spit?  The 'much more simple' gasket (by comparison to the
mechanisim) is only ~125.00 CDN from the dealer!  Works out to ~40.00

I can get all new  door seals for my TR6 for less than that!

Sounds like the gear drive is not a bad deal by comparison.

=Frank de Kat=

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