[urq] Sunroof not sealing

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Mon May 8 14:17:06 EDT 2006

Well I did find a new to me cable drive - looked idnetical to th eone I already had - having never seen a brand new one (pics anyone???) I'm guessing the cable drive gear itself does not wear but the cables get messed up.  But I could be wrong.  

So I got the new to me cable drive - complete with good threads in the mountin holes and I took the circlip off and took the mechanism apart - reason was to bend inwards the littel plate guide- hopeing the force the cables closer in the gear.  No luck.  Several tries and it still slips plenty.  I ended up buying a fairing for my roofrack to keep wind noise down for the trip to Fruita for mountain biking this weekend - separate email about that...

'84 ur
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    so I just called a dealer to see about price/availability of a new gear 
    drive- the guy said they are available for ......get this...........$93!!!!! 
    I think it is actually a carbon fiber impregnated titanium shell with a 
    platinum gear.


    Off to the salvage yard....

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    > ... confirmed that the screws that hold the crank mechanism come down from
    > the top, not underneath.  It is all pretty apparent when you remove the
    > sunroof panel.
    > Steve B
    > San Jose, CA (USA)
    >> ... calling on some seriously old brain cells here ... so caveat reader
    >> ... :-)
    >> I remember having issues with this many moons ago ... ISTR the drive
    >> gear in the crank mechanism was worn and did not engage the drive cables
    >> reliably.  I removed the crank mechanism ... held in place by a couple
    >> screws inside the car.  I have a very hazy recollection that there's a
    >> TSB on this issue.  I do remember seeing that the drive gear on the
    >> crank handle was worn ... at that time new gears were available ... but
    >> for a price of $15, which to me was unacceptable at the time.  I'm
    >> pretty sure I tried installing the gear "upside down" but I don't
    >> remember that this was the solution to the problem.  What is standing
    >> out for me as the real problem was that the threads in the pot metal
    >> bracket which holds the crank handle were worn and the crank mechanism
    >> wasn't being held in the proper place to engage the drive cables.  I
    >> remember that the factory screws engaged holes that had maybe a couple
    >> threads, but there were other holes in the crank/sunroof assembly which
    >> had more threads ... and there were access holes to allow different
    >> screws to be used.
    >> So ... after all this ... I'm pretty sure what I did was to use
    >> different screws in those other holes ... which allowed me to cinch the
    >> crank assembly tighter against the sunroof.  I'll look at the car
    >> tonight to refresh those worn brain cells ... and if there is anything
    >> further that comes to mind I'll post that up ...
    >> Personally, I'd refrain from lubricating the drive cables in any way ...
    >> Steve B
    >> San Jose, CA (USA)

  As with all things universal the good part I had in this arena I sold some months ago. The car I was driving at the time was a Canadian import with no sunroof.
  My current car is now exhibiting the same behavior.
  Oh well.


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