[urq] Shift Linkage.

Donald Stellmaker stellmaker at msn.com
Mon May 8 16:31:46 EDT 2006

Well the assembly of the short shift went easy-peasy after much shaping of the rod. Thanks for the help with that everyone. I still have a lot of slop in the lever side to side and 1st and 2nd are still a pita to engage. This being the case I decided to replace some parts further up the shift rod. I've received the parts from the dealer for the linkage assembly at the end of the shift rod (Unbelievably overpriced for what you get but oh well) and my question is this - How is the assembly accessed? I'd imagine (hope) you can get at it from the engine bay, but I can't see anything which looks like the ETKA diagram. I'm replacing the parts that sit on the steel ball (the plastic recepticle, metal bush/washer, and the 2 plastic bushes/inserts that sit in the ends of the connecting rod at the end of the shift rod, #35 in the illustration. Thanks again.


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