[urq] Different Strokes for Different Folks

Jim Haseltine jim_haseltine at ntlworld.com
Wed May 10 18:58:03 EDT 2006

It's an early Coupe quattro with a shed load of Ur bits fitted. I'd suspect 
the wing extensions are GRP and look to be the best fitted ones that I've 
ever seen. If it was a crashed Ur with a coupe front end grafted on it would 
have had to be reregistered with a 'Q' prefix index because there would not 
be enough pieces remaining of either car (it's something like 80% to be able 
to retain an original index) - the one on the car ('B' prefix) is Aug 84 to 
July 85.

This must have cost a fortune (and judging from his Ebay history it has 
done), would have been much cheaper to buy an Ur to start with and then 
spend the money saved on paying for the insurance.


Jim Haseltine 

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