[urq] Strut tower bearings for early UrQ

Andrew Finney afinn1 at gmail.com
Thu May 11 22:10:39 EDT 2006

In my opinion, which is often warped, isn't one of the failure mechanisms
the separation of the bearing from the housing creating a rattling and
thunking. The bearing is only pressed into the housing. This has happened to
my UrQ countless times with the blue correct bearings. When I unpacked all
the spares that came with my '85 UrQ mega restoration project (someday I'll
divulge all the gory details to the list) I found four new blue bearings. I
used them, but lately I'm wondering if I shouldnt go with the alloy ones
listed on Ebay in the UK quite a lot. By the way, I've also used the much
cheaper Blau strut bearings in the past on my '83. They are similar in
rubber hardness to the blue ones.Thoughts?

Andrew Finney
1983 and 1985 UrQs

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