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> so the latest Automobile Mag back section with the auctions had a
> couple interesting sales - a fully US Legal Porsche 959 w/ recent
> $60k service sold for $286,000 and a '60's Mustang GT350 (or
> something like that) race car went for $990,000!
> Hmm lets see 959 for less than $300k, or an old mustang for close
> to a mil.....
> not a tough one for me   Personally I would have saved the $700,000...
> Brandon
Kind of hard to wrap my brain around some of the "deals" seen on

one of say 500,000 1964 chevy biscaynes that just happened to be ordered
one of say 50,000 big-block motors and a 4 speed goes for over

so a rare option on a car that was largely unloved and sent to the crusher
make it worth
big bucks???

upside is it makes my "investments" look pretty wise an I have saved

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and Old School Quattros...


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