[urq] Brake Judder

Pasqualoni, James E james.pasqualoni at gs.com
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Hi Martin,

I would say that my experience shows these 2 things to be the main
1. Worn front control arm bushes
2. Rust and/or debris between the disc and hub that create a 'wobbling'
effect of the rotor.  You can clean up the mating surfaces of the hub
and disc, then index the disc using a magnetic caliper (attached to the
strut) to ensure uniform alignment of the disc.


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Not strictly confined to Audi but I know the  readers of this list have
so much more experience than the usual repair techs! 
    There have been many articles written about  juddering under
braking, not the least by Stop Tech who essentially say warped  discs
are not the problem. 
I put new discs, pads, and tyres on my Subaru within  the last month and
bedded them in in the usual manner. Brake as hard you like  from 55mph
and all is smooth. At running speeds in the 60-80mph range there is a
slight vibration through the steering normally associated with wheel
balancing.  Brake from the 60-80mph range and there is a sever judder
until the speed drops  below 55 or so.
    Local technician, at very well respected servicing  outfit who also
installed the tyres, drove the car and said to replace the  discs.
    Question?    Anyone experienced  another cause for the judder such
as tie 
rod ends, steering knuckle, or simply  alignment?
    Martin Dapot
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