[urq] Radiator in a 4000CSQ-034-EFI-10VTurbo

Justin cbrooks2 at san.rr.com
Sun May 21 01:25:02 EDT 2006

What intercooler you running? I've got a bitchn' cool one in my 4000 10vt,
from an Isuzu NPR.  Almost like it was made for the car.  Got pics if anyone
is interested....
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> We got da radiator with all da mounts Friday from the dudes @034EFI, put
> in today, way bitchin''' very tight fit, the biggest in a stock position
> could possibly fit, it was plug and play and our coolant temps are now the
> number stamped on the t-stat, it is a beauty made by Ron Davis, and yeah
> paid for all da mounts, and all da mounts were worth the coconuts, the
> install is done and clean, no mickey mouse brackets or wire ties. If you
> choose to do this be sure to get new rubber mounts for the bottom side and
> left side and top front 431 121 273 or 803 121 273  x2 and front 443 121
> E  x1 yeah the front hood will not hit the radiator when closed, this
> radiator is so cool, anyone want pictures of our engine compartment sans
> we can build a link with photos. 034EFI ROCKS!. Bestust, Bill PS
> nuclear cooling tower in Orygun, not the condom) is gonna implode
> watch your tele for the first nuke plant decommission using 2000 lbs of
> stuff on 41,000 tons of cooling tower, should be cool
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