[urq] brake pedal feel

Rich Letsinger rletsinger at gmail.com
Mon May 22 14:17:33 EDT 2006


I developed this same problem at the track over the weekend.  Keith
describes it to the 'T' with, "If you stand on the pedal hard the
pedal feel is hard with very little braking effect but if you stay on
it (maintain the pressure) the full assistance comes in and the brakes
suddenly work well."  Needless to say, coming into turn 9 at Bremerton
Raceway was disconcerting. I'd deal with it like turbo lag, get on the
brakes a beat or two before I actually wanted them to kick in.  Kinda

Keith, did you ever fix it?  Maurits, did you say replacing the bomb
did not help?  My valve block beneath the bomb has leaked slightly
since the day I got the car, it's a crusty nasty mess.  I did used to
notice that cyclical clicking noise when I would hold the brakes on at
a stop light. I'll have to pay attention and see if that's still
happening now that I've developed this problem.


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