[urq] COME ON!!!!!! NIGHTMARE!!!!!

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Tue May 30 10:18:19 EDT 2006

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I can't  believe this!!!!! I get up at 0430 hrs for work, start the car (93'  
S4) and precede as normal. I get onto the highway and cruise along and I  
to hear a knocking. It changes with RPM. I pull over and pop the  hood and at 
the  same time a tractor trailer almost hit me and the  car. Confirmed, I 
a knock  and it's bad. I limp the car home and  pull the oil pan. Number 5 
connecting rod  only has a small portion  of it's rod bearings! 
WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is not  good. I'm burned my hands 
taking this apart so 
quickly so I need to   address that soon. Too much adrenaline right now. I'm 
to see if the  crank  is OK and run some very fine emery cloth with a cord 
see  how it looks. The  rod end that I took off looks so-so but I will mike  
everything and see if this  is OK. I just don't understand how this  
There is only 2000 miles on  this engine since I built it.  I miked 
everything and 
AND used plastigauge to  make double sure this  was going together correctly. 
I'm totally beside myself  right  now.

Angry Jim

The Audi gods have you & me in their cross-hairs, and are firing at  will.
My URQ just blew a head gasket in head-ruining fashion, and while  
bolting/torqueing on another head, #9 head bolt strips in the block.
This is all after having a #5 rod go in the previous engine about 6 months  
ago (that's where the replacement head came from).
I feel your pain!!


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