[urq] Sunday, June 15; Gathering of Audis at the Museau of Transportation

wbremer wbremer at maine.rr.com
Tue May 30 22:23:49 EDT 2006

Here's the information on advance registration so that the NAAC can set aside space for the urqs to be together and with the other Audis.

There's at least five confirmed (but not yet paid), and it would be great if we could have one of those "Urquattro Preservation Group" event turn-outs.

What could be better than spending a summer Sunday surrounded by German cars and good friends?

The value in pre-registering is that the club can set aside space for all the Audis, including the urqs, so please consider attending, and please pre-register.

Bill Bremer

'82 urq

Here's the announcement from the NAAC (I don't think it got posted to our list):

The North Atlantic Audi Club (NAAC) will be hosting a contingent at the Lars Anderson Museum's German Car Day in Brookline, MA on Sunday, June 18th.  Bring your car to display and/or be judged or just come to mingle.  We would love to help Audi have a really strong showing amongst other German makes.  The event runs from 10:00AM until 2:00PM after which we will be meeting for a group (late) lunch at the Bertuccis at the Atrium Mall at 2:30PM.

Registration for the event is now open on the NAAC website at www.naaclub.org.  All money collected goes directly to the museum with the exception of the PayPal charge which is used to cover those fees.  Lunch will be pay for your own.  NAAC is not making any money on this event; we just want to get everyone together!

Information about the museum and directions to the facility can be found at www.mot.org.  

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