[urq] alternator whine puzzle (X post) long

urquattro at comcast.net urquattro at comcast.net
Fri Nov 3 16:34:04 EST 2006

I still say it's the belt, due to the bracket; even Andrew Finney verified that this occured on his car due to the 2B brackets.

One point which was driven home to me when rigging my PS pump to the 3B engine was that when you're tensioning an accessory device, the bracketry has to be sturdy/precise enough to keep planar alignment of the pulleys even when the pivot bolts are not tightened. The factory brackets are excellent in this respect, but using adaptors or "part" of a bracket can change everything.  I still have not seen a good up-close picture of the 2B bracket, but from the descriptions I've gotten, my guess is the thing is flexing at one of the hinges when you tension the belt. This could be caused by untrue angles in the bracket, flexing members in the bracket, or loose manufacturing tolerances allowing too much play aound the pivot bolt(s).

Maybe something to look closer at...I assume you've checked the pulley alignment with a metal straight-edge to check for obvious misalignment? metal straight-edges are pretty easy to find at art stores, among other places...

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