[urq] Brake Servo Pushrod Seal - Source?

Eric Renneisen racingiron at comcast.net
Mon Nov 6 19:12:37 EST 2006

The seal I got was in a Chicago Rawhide box, which is a subsidiary of
SKF.  The P/N is 3545 and the dimensions are 9x22x7 (shaft x bore x
width).  Here's full info on it:
Note that the picture is obviously not this actual seal.

Eric R.
'93 S4
'86 urq

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Alan wrote:
> The O rings are on the way to rebuilt the servo and
> hopefully this will be sufficient to stop the AFT 
> leak.  However if the seal needs to be replaced, can 
> anyone provide contact information for a supplier.  
> John at Sport Wheels (as reported by others) is no 
> longer putting repair kits together due to "lack of 
> demand".

When I got my kit from John, the pushrod seal was still in the
manufacturer's box.  I've still got that at home and I'll be happy to
forward on the name and specs.  Do you have the list of specs for all
the o-rings?  Since John's no longer supplying these, it'd be nice to
gather the info together so folks can build their own kit.

Eric R.
'93 S4
'86 urq

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