[urq] urq Digest, Vol 37, Issue 9

Andrew Finney afinn1 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 20:22:06 EST 2006

> I bet he's got Brandon's alternator problem too.... it's in the back
> seat....

Andrew Finney
1985 UrQ

More pictures of the 10 valve SQ. It looks like the same car in the video,
> sans the www decal on the rear bumper. It looks like an UrQuattro conversion
> due to the A pillar angle. I'm almost sure he has a real (except aluminum
> block) Trans Am engine. I have some detailed pictures of the #44 car and the
> engine's are very close in comparison. The IM and valve cover are either the
> real thing or great reproductions. the upper turbo mount that straddles the
> valve cover and IM are looking pretty close to the T/A car. Who ever stated
> that they thought the Trans Am car was in the ball park of 650 hp was close.
> I have a rare Audi Motorsport USA book that compares the Audi 200 Trans Am
> car to the Audi 200 production car. The back page has all the specs. Some of
> them are:
> Capacity: 2110cc (128.76 cu. in.)
> BoreXstroke: 79.5 X 85 mm
> Power: 510 bhp @ 7500 RPM
> Torque: 369 @ 6000 RPM
> So why couldn't this power plant make 650-800 hp with todays management
> technology?
> http://www.kimmit-sport.com/gallery/index.php

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