[urq] Brake Servo Pushrod Seal - Source?

Alan Pemberton alan_pemberton at telus.net
Tue Nov 7 22:06:27 EST 2006

Thanks to Eric's lead - progress!

I talked to SKF today and they have about 50 of these seals in stock in the
U.S (mainly in Hebron, KY.  They won't sell direct but provided contact
information for a local distributor.  I have ordered 20 which should arrive
in Vancouver B.C. sometime next week.  5 are spoken for and, once the O
rings arrive, I should have enough parts for 7 kits.  In case anyone wants
to do the same on the US side of the border, the O ring sizes on their way

one 7x1.5 BN70
two 18x2 BN70
one 21x3 BN70
one 38x3 BN70

O ring vendor in Ontario is www.globalrubber.com but there will be US


PS The moral of the story - never throw out the box!!

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> The seal I got was in a Chicago Rawhide box, which is a subsidiary of
> SKF.  The P/N is 3545 and the dimensions are 9x22x7 (shaft x bore x
> width).  Here's full info on it:
> http://www.chicago-rawhide.com/catalogs/457010/sealdetail.asp?s=3545
> Note that the picture is obviously not this actual seal.
> HTH,
> Eric R.
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> Alan wrote:
> > The O rings are on the way to rebuilt the servo and
> > hopefully this will be sufficient to stop the AFT
> > leak.  However if the seal needs to be replaced, can
> > anyone provide contact information for a supplier.
> > John at Sport Wheels (as reported by others) is no
> > longer putting repair kits together due to "lack of
> > demand".
> When I got my kit from John, the pushrod seal was still in the
> manufacturer's box.  I've still got that at home and I'll be happy to
> forward on the name and specs.  Do you have the list of specs for all
> the o-rings?  Since John's no longer supplying these, it'd be nice to
> gather the info together so folks can build their own kit.
> Eric R.
> '93 S4
> '86 urq
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