[urq] tech check...failed !

brozmotorz brozmotorz at free.fr
Wed Nov 8 06:17:17 EST 2006

>> today was legal tech check for my quattro and...it failed.
>> the main failure was the CO : 7.2 !
>>>> Rich mixture ? this one is easy to fix, but you need a exhaust gas
> analyzing machine... I have one here in Montreal, if you need it :-). Or
> you may just lean the mixture just before the test, hope it will be
> enough and crank it up after the test !

I have access to a gaz analysor, will do asap.
it's just that I didn't do it since I installed new injectors and rebuilt
the control pressure regulator
did not think it would change that much.
last tech check CO was 3.4

>> _ shocks upper bearings on 3 corners (I did order them, waiting !)
>>>> What bearing did you order ? At what price ?

again, Meyle HD. Meyle rocks !
I'll pass the ref when I retrieve it.
wanted to get Mance stuff but he asks way too much.

>>>> So a non-AC urQ is 1341 kg, that is 2950 lbs. I will now use that
> number in the G-tech that I borrowed for my "performance" tests.

I think axle weights don't directly add up to total weight ?
the driver manual says total weight is 1300kg "ready to drive" (with
anyway, don't take those datas for granted.
just for the kicks, I retrieved the last check datas and they are totally 
this time it said : front 800kg, rear 541,
previous tests gave 775/352 and 761/483, go figure !

> Interesting data of the relative power of F-R brakes : 171/280 and
> 164/268 translate to 60/40 braking ratio. Seems logical, as this is the
> weight ratio. What brakes do you have on the car now ?

A4 front (Porsche red, baby...), stock rear (not rebuilt)
obviously rear left is a bit weak
I swapped the sides on the handbrake datas : L 180 R 201
again, previous datas were a lot different, got way higher values
brakes bench clearly out of calibration...
but what can I say ? they're "the law" !

>> the thing that worried me the most actually is the steering, it makes a
>> bubbling sound when turning the wheel at low speed
>>>> Couldn't this be a symptom of the failed shock bearings ? I've never
> heard of any problem with the hydraulics, except for leaks.

no, the sounds comes from the steering rack and it's clearly an hydraulic
bubbling/cavitation sound

>> at this rate, I believe that in about 15 years, I will have a perfect
>> quattro. just have to keep on.
>>>>Why would it be different for you than the rest of us ? :-)

because I'm super dope, buddy :-)
no, really, you believe I'm gonna struggle 15 years on that rust bucket ?
soon it'll make you just cry of jealousy ! ;-)
it already made you sh*t in your pants and got you deaf for a while, do I 
have to recall ? lol.


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