[urq] Gear-shift linkage

ANTHONY ATTARD acattard at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 20 15:35:26 EST 2006

Hi everyone.  I hope someone can help me with a
problem on URQ.

Over the weekend I was driving along and I went to
downshift,when the 
gear lever felt very loose. I managed to get it home
and looked under 
the hood to find that a short piece of linkage (where
the linkage joins 
the transmission) with rubber insert at each end, came
off.  Apparently, 
the rubber inserts have perished over the years.  

Does anyone know where I could find the rubber
inserts? Or do I have to 
buy the entire link?  Would appreciate any info. 
Phone No. etc.  
Thanks in advance.

Tony:  83 URQ, 4KCSQl, 88 Model 90Q  

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