[urq] RE : Intermittent no start

Ado Sigal a.sigal at bluewin.ch
Mon Oct 2 17:24:47 EDT 2006

IME, the problem is the plastic double spaded connector. Its corrosion 
and exposure to the heat from turbo, is more of the problem than the 
starter. Relaying it its a good move, although bit involved, but that 
connection needs to be examined (repaired) and heat sleeve protected.



Louis-Alain Richard wrote:

>You know what, the OEM heat shield is already there, and I've managed to
>recreate the oil filters heat shield (which also protects the starter)
>last week when I installed the oil lines to the turbo. So I am wondering
>if it is really heat related; both times, I was driving 60 mph since a
>while and I stopped for a coffee. Thinking of it, these runs were the
>last "long runs" I did... So maybe the heat is transferred from the
>block not from the turbo. 
> Louis-Alain
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>De : djdawson2 at aol.com [mailto:djdawson2 at aol.com] 
>This seems to be a trait of the "big bertha" starter.  I just recently
>bought an '83, and it does exactly the same thing.  Heat is the culprit.
>As I see it, you have 2 options... either replace bertha with the newer
>small starter, or install some heat shielding over the solenoid.
>Jumping the solenoid will make it work, but that isn't exactly a real

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