[urq] 811853329E and 855837477B no longer available

Patrick Carlier p.carlier at pandora.be
Wed Oct 4 14:22:30 EDT 2006

So here I am . 
Had some minor damage to my driver side door . 
Got a spare one at the wreckers , with all  the trim 
already removed . 
Sanded it , painted it , fixed it and replaced it .
FIxed the back lash on the door hinges while I was at it .  

Then I took all the trim and bit's n pieces of my old door , 
and ment put it on the new one . 

Only , the inner seal ( 855837477B) has become brittle 
over the years  but its salvageable . 
All the plastic clips 811853329E  broke when I GENTLY  removed 
the lower outside window trim . 

Tried to order new ones . Talk about a cold shower . 

Both these parts are no loger available . !!! 
Stupid little piece of sh*t plastic clip is NLA . . 
Now I can think of a way to pot the inside seal back 
in , without using the clips . But I haven't got a clue 
how I'm gonna get the outside trim back on . 
Apart from drilling small holes every 4 inches and put a 
stainless screw in it . Wich will be visible . 

Anyone have any cure for this . 

The sad thing is , I've got two more Ur-q's waiting restauration . 
Don't know what the status is of all the other plastic 
clipses and retainers . But if even door seals and stuff are NLA . 
There's no way those cars can be kept on the road . 
I mean , mechanical parts can be remanufactured or rebuild or 
replaced with something else . But these things not . 
And these little parts make the difference between a perfect restauration 
job and just an old car that has got a paint job . 

Very dissapointed for the time being . 


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