[urq] RE : Rear suspension tie rods DOES hit the body.

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Tue Oct 10 17:22:34 EDT 2006

There is some inconsistency here; I wonder what it is? 

Mine definitely is borderline "slammed" in the front on H&Rs, but the tops of my 225/50s are quite visible in the rear. I replaced all 4 mounts with the "blues" at the time as well ($20/ea w/thanks to TPC) when I did the springs and strut inserts.

Definitely something to keep an eye on in any case!

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> Seeing as how HD’s are the only thing that Bilstein lists as being
> available for our cars, I can’t imagine that any of us have anything
> different. I know the Sport’s are available for the rear of the 4kq, which
> will fits out cars, but has anyone really explore that option?
> My H&R’s were installed sometime in 00’ and the car was, in my opinion,
> "slammed". The tops of the tires were definitely tucked up into the body
> work with 205/60/15’s which is what the car was on when the break happened.
> I did not experience any sort of rake in the body in either direction like
> you had. The body was almost perfectly level from front to rear.
> This is my third "Early" car and this is the first I had heard about it or
> seen it. My first car rode on Eibach’s and Boge’s and I never noticed it,
> but then again, I had to no reason to notice it. Like I said in my original
> e-mail, the conditions COULD have been just right for it to break. It was
> winter, so it was cold. The suspension was already fairly compressed from
> being mid corner. There was a substantial "bump" in the road. It COULD have
> been bent or cracked already from hitting the body before. The break
> occurred squarely in the minor diameter of one of the threads on the rod.
> So, it’s completely possible that the rod itself was flawed in some way
> from the get go. However, I would have figured that would have reared its
> ugly head sometime between 1982 and 2004 (when it broke). FWIW, when I went
> and looked at the other side (the side that didn’t break), there was a dent
> on that side too! 
> All I really claim to know: Having the rear tie rods hitting the underside
> of the car CAN’T be good for them. :-)
> Ben
> 83' UrQ
> 85' UrQ
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