[urq] Photo of my rear tie rod and chassis dent.

Martin Pajak martin at quattro.ca
Tue Oct 10 21:41:58 EDT 2006

Just found a pic on my own website.

Here is what the orientation of the tie rod is supposed to be:

Hope this helps

Martin Pajak


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same on deal other side.  H&R's are getting the blame.
 I must have 19 gallons in the car and there is about
.75" of clearance not including the .25 inch gouge in
the body.

I got some stock urq springs from a CA guy who posts
here from time to time but I showed them to MARTIN and
the canadians at UPG but they thought the color
markings weren't right (blue and white I believe). 
I've wanted to go stock springs, but am not sure if I
already have them.   I think ETKA shows yellow
markings for the front springs.  Rears springs I think
are the same ones from a 4kq. 


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