[urq] no spare wheel at all ?

brozmotorz brozmotorz at free.fr
Sat Oct 28 17:02:13 EDT 2006

in my eyes, no spare wheel is not an option. I know flats become rare 
nowadays but they do happend.
A lot less than 15 years ago when I worked at the gas station, then I would 
do 4/5 everyday but that was mainly because then there were no mandatory 
tech check and people would still use bald tires.
we still have people coming in the shop with wheels to repair and only about 
1 on 3 is vandalism...the others are staples, screws (those modern 
all-materials-screws are like barbwire !), glass, gravels...rubber is still 
rubber, no matter what.
spraycan flat saver is not an option. they trash rims and tires and not 
always work !
the only other option is tubeless repair kit and inboard compressor. I have 
them but it is not always possible to fit them correctly on the roadside 
especially at night and I mainly use the car at night and often in 
industrial zones, will let you figure out why. If I can avoid a flatbed 
truck trip, I like that better and my wallet too.
what is a "good tire" that does not get flat when pierced up ? Solid rubber 
or tank tracks maybe ? ;-)


> I'll let you know, when I have tried it in practice.
> At front of a 034EFI radiator I have placed a huge IC.
> At back 2 flat fans at 25 cm each programmed to start from an EGO of the 
> 034EFI IIc ECU.
> Due to the close placement of the IC to the radiator, I place 2 25cm flat 
> fans pushing at front of the IC,
> depending on intake temperature and charge.
> (A WR to AAN project with Garrett T035R turbo, special IM and EM)
> I have noticed, that the "real" solution is to cut a hole in the roof and 
> place the radiator in the trunk.
> Next plan if  fans and waterinjecton or CO2 cooling don't help.
> Hope to have an answer in December. Driwing to Spain from Denmark just now 
> with 2 horses, 2 dogs but only one wife.
> No - I use a Land Rover Discovery as puller for a 2600 kg horsetrailer.
> Claus
> BTW: sparewheels in the trunk? Use good tyres and drop the wheels at all. 

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