[urq] Intercooler scoop

brozmotorz brozmotorz at free.fr
Sun Oct 29 09:37:45 EST 2006


what I did is to build sheetmetal (roof flashing) screens that block the right, left and top side of the IC to form a channel beetween the spoiler and the IC, I used only stock bolting points, no drilling.
last time I got there (for engine support), I didn't installed the scoop back (laziness) and I am going to install an intake temp monitor so will do some comparaisons and see how much it really helps
oil cooler shroud should not melt ! never heard that. what part it is ? stock or reproduction ? oil temp may be on the high side !? beware that the stock oil cooler is not that good, especially half blocked with twenty years of coked oil...
afaik the main reasons for the oil cooler in the back is the dry sump, weight distribution and engine compartment room



  I have toyed with the scoop idea, but I don't want to mess up the stock look of the front air dam.  It would be great to figure out how to pull a bit of extra air into that area.  The oil cooler shroud I bought recently just melted under there.  I understand now why they put the IC up front and the OC un top of the trunk of the works cars.


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