[urq] RE : alternator whine puzzle (X post) long

Louis-Alain Richard laraa at sympatico.ca
Mon Oct 30 12:54:27 EST 2006

> Guys-
> thanks for all the responses.  Jsut a coupel quick additional comments
> left out - I have used several brand new belts of varying lengths and
> the alternator makes the noise regardless.  I probably have only about
> 10 miles on any particular setup I've tried so maybe the belt will
> in" but it really is a mechanical sound.  Sounds to me like I need to
> really look at alignment in all planes.  I  have looked at that - but
> sounds like I need to get the car higher higher off the ground than
> ramps so I can get a better perspective.
> Brandon

Brandon, is the alternator further away from the block, then needing a
longer belt ? If so, then it maybe a noise caused from harmonic
vibrations. It doesn't need to be much longer, just different than OEM

I am just in the middle of such a "noisy belt" problem on the Saab. 2
years ago, GM/Saab mandated a shorter belt by bypassing the center idler
pulley. This pulley is really close to the frame rail, and replacing the
belt is a lot easier if you forget it. But since then, if I turn the
steering wheel when stopped, there is that high-pitch noise that sounds
like a band-saw cutting sheetmetal. It took me a few try to isolate the
sound, and now the various Saab forums talk about this behaviour and the
indie shops are reverting to the long belt to cure this noise problem.
The longer belt is on my bench now, I am waiting for the idler pulley.


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