[urq] Sensor P/N that triggers the coolant warm-up light?

Bruce Bell bbell at surview.com
Mon Oct 30 19:25:16 EST 2006

Yep, BTDT. Here is the correct answer; at least for my'84 this is the way it

According to the schematics the two wire switch on the h20 manifold going to
the head is responsible for cold and over heat lamps in the dash. I've
confirmed this on my car as follows:

If I ground the wire at the temp switch (on the h20 manifold) (0 ohms) my
light illuminates.

I found some goofy numbers/references in the family album.  For the two pin
sensor located on top of the water manifold, my car came with 056 919 369P
"dual temperature sender" (black). Both the Euro and US FA show this at the
back of the Cyl. head. The FA Shows 049 919 501 B (white) for the top of the
water manifold and this is a very different sensor. The Black 369 P sensor
has lower resistance with cooler temps (on the cold side) and the White 501
B sensor has rising resistance with cooler temps."  

After replacing the 056 919 369 P sensor with a new one my idiot light
worked fine. The White B sensor would, as I understand, be correct for an
actual temp gauge but not the light.

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Coming in late but isn't the dash idiot light mounted to the rear/firewall 
side of the head?  When I did mine 100 years ago that is the way I thought I

went.  I can check color though white sounds right.

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I'd like to get the green warm-up light working on my car. The two-pin
switch in the upper coolant flange when I bought the car was black, and
the light never came on. I verified the wiring and bulb by grounding the

So, ETKA said I needed 049 919 501B (white). I ordered one and installed
it. Now, the green light begins to glow as the engine temp rises,
exactly opposite of what it's supposed to do.

I don't see any other P/N options in ETKA. Is this the right number? Did
I just get a bad one?

Eric R.
'93 S4
'86 urq

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