[urq] '83 Wiring diagram errors in Bentley

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I have the original diagrams.  I'll see if I can scan them in and post them on
my website which is now BTW




Give it a few days while I get caught up - this is the wiring diagram for
these cars and varies somewhat from the Bentley diagram.




PS congrats on the UrQ acquisition!


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I've purchased an early build '83 (#129) with a build date of 2/82.


The good:   Car have low original miles, the body is all there and in good

shape, and there is no rust anywhere.


The bad:  Car hasn't run in 17 years, has the under dash fuse box, and the
harness under the dash looks like a bowl of spaghetti that was attacked with a
chain saw.


Eventually, the car will be a 20vt conversion, and I already have the CGT

harness ready for the project.   Bit I can't resist the urge to get the car

running before I begin the project.


I've got no voltage on terminal 15 (switched +12V) at the coil, at pin 14 of
the ecu, or at the fuel pump relay.  I've changed the ignition switch and
repaired the harness from the switch to the fuse box.  The #15 black wire has
voltage going into the fuse box, and the terminal (F2) where the wire from the
ignition switch doesn't look burnt or damaged. (I'm almost convinced the fuse
box is bad internally) 


Bentley ('84 diagram, said to be good for '83) shows a black wire from

terminal A11 of the fuse box that runs to pin 14 of the ECU.   The wire in

A11 is not black, but light gauge blue/red, that seems to be for backup
lights, and has nothing to do with ignition.  Steve Eiche was kind enough to
confirm that his spare '83 harness also has blue/red, and not black, in A11.


With Steve's help, I've traced the ECU pin 14 black wire to a strange white
plastic spade terminal "dongle" that multiplies the available pins for
terminal 15  (There is a similar dongle for B+ (terminal 30) to distribute
power too).  IF you look at Bentley, this might correspond to connector F2,
but it sure as hell aint a two-pin connector. These dongles have short leads
on one end that plug into the rear of fuse box spade terminals, and then they
have multiple spade terminals available at the other end.


The power circuit wiring for the ignition system is nothing at all like the
Bentley shows, and I was wondering if anyone had documented the differences,

or if a wiring diagram exists to show the reality.   







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Not to throw a wrench into the works, but...


My recollection from 'back in the day' is that there have been two versions of

1984-1987 Bentley manual -- the first printing is one version, and second and
probably all later printings are the second version.  Some content, including
wiring diagrams, was updated between the two.  Since there is no single "The
Bentley" it might be worth making sure you're talking apples and apples.  If
in doubt, refer to the ID numbers on the lower-right of the diagrams (e.g.


Hope this helps.  None of my comments is intended to contradict anything
anyone else has said on the subject.




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