[urq] Running problems caused by "leaning out" 83 urq.

Ingo Rautenberg i.rautenberg at waratap.com
Wed Sep 13 11:29:50 EDT 2006


I really don't know, but I suspect that's not the problem. Wait a minute.  '84 5000?  I think you need a turbo fuel distributor.  OTOH, if you can use that fuel distributor (which I doubt), then you know what they say, "It's fuel or spark."  Maybe your coil is on it's way out?  Is it actually leaning out or just appear that way? If the fuel pressure is indeed high enough, then I would guess the spark is faltering and therefore giving your "stumbling."  Have you checked resistance on the idle and throttle switches open and closed and and especially the intake temperature sender?

I really don't think a fuel distributor from a NA '84 5000 would supply enough fuel.


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  Hi Ingo,

  This is the preliminary report I received today after the mechanic had fitted a "new" fuel distributor

  "The distributor is a known working unit from a 1984,  5000.  The duty cycle as the vehicle warms up starts to work at 55% duty cycle and fluctuates up and down needed.  The problem of stumbling under excelleration is happening at 3bar regulated pressure. The car runs well up until that point". 

  Could it be that an '84 5000 regulator is not compatible with a 83 urq?

  Thanks for your interest.


  Ingo Rautenberg wrote:


Have you figured out what's wrong yet?



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