[urq] Front end clunk

j.koenig j.koenig at adelphia.net
Sun Sep 17 07:38:21 EDT 2006

I got nuthin' -- seems like all that's left is something drastic having to do with axles 
or CVs.  Any progress on this?

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There are as many of these causes as UrQ out there but I finally got one and
no ideas!
Replaced front struts, strut bearings, wheel bearings, subframe bushings and
control arm bushings ball joints and have a pass side front end clunk when
steering is max loaded in either direction and the car shifts from
standstill to movement in either direction.  Can "easily" be replicated by
keeping steering locked in travelling aboput 20 feet in an arc.  Doesn't
appear to be spring as it is properly seated and doesn't have the spring
noise vs heavy mechanical metal on metal clunk.  Have has strut housing back
apart and no help, strut is solid in housing.  Any other likely ghosts to

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