Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Wed Sep 20 01:55:07 EDT 2006

> I'm in process of building up a few motors.  Does anyone have a checklist
> compiled to keep track of things done for an engine build.  Would be good if
> particularlyfor VAG/I4 and I5 engines, but a generic list or spreadsheet would
> be good too. 
> Mainly need as a sanity check - for ex. I can check if the rear main seal was
> replaced or not, crank turned, rod bearings, cyl. Honed, rings, etc.

Not meaning to sound sarcastic, I do see where you are coming from... I 
could say, tell me everything on the "list"... I'll put that in column one.

Column 2,3,4 would read, "needs?"  "done"  "installed"

or something like that.

I wouldn't keep track in the computer, for this, I'd print the sheet out 
and fill in the blanks on paper attached to each pile'o'parts.

Because keeping track in one's brain leaves precious little room for 

Huw Powell



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