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Renneisen, Eric 475 Eric.Renneisen at CIGNA.com
Mon Apr 9 14:50:10 EDT 2007

Your test is a good one.  An easier way is to remove the hose from the
pump (as you did) then just compress the bellows that activates the
throttle, plug the hose from the pump with your thumb, and let go of the
bellows and make sure it doesn't expand.  That tests all the vacuum
throughout the system (just as your test did, but you had to dig out the
Mityvac :^).

It isn't likely the electrical switches because they'll just shut the
system down completely.

I had the same problem as you, and I recall that I cleaned up the pump
per the tip at the bottom of Huw's page:
The pump did indeed work much better after that.  Mine still hunts
around a bit, but I've been distracted by other issues.

Eric R.
'86 urq
'93 urS

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