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Although I am not a part of the CF Hood GB - here is a thought.  Had I
ordered one, I would still paint the outside as I'm not a fan of the two
tone - but would however leave the underside nekid.  Some some filler
could easily hide the dimples on top.  For those that will leave it bare
- it is barely noticeable, IMO.


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Hi everyone well I have a new update for you all on the carbon hoods.

Let me start at the beginning I was told by Will at Fiber Images (FI)
that my hood was ready to come and pick up!


I get up to (FI) and they are working on one of the hoods and he told me
they were just finishing it up for me, to take now this is suppose to be
one of the hoods set up without the hood pins and with the stock hood
lock provisions. 


I ask if I can check it out and he says sure come on back so I go look
at the hood and it has the stock hood provisions on it but it but when
they flip it over it has all the indentations for the aftermarket hood
pins on top!!


So I said wait a minute what are the indentations on the top for that
not right! It should be flush!


Then he told me the whole story...


Ed contacted Will @(FI) to build our carbon fiber hoods and said he
would send a perfect copy of the hood for them to make a mold from by
the end of the week Will said OK and 3 month later Will @(FI) received
the hood? The hood had hood came to him with a large hole for the hood
pin and 3 small holes around that for the mounting plate.


So Will called Ed to say he got the hood and asked if everyone was going
to use the same style hood pins or did he want him to fill the small
holes around the hood pins and leave just the larger hole in the center
for a guid and then Will said I will have to charge you a little extra
for the body work to the hood if you wan me to fill them.


Ed said no just leave them!!!

So that would mean we would all have to use the same hood pins that Ed
originally used a (SPARCO) designed hood pin.


So Will @(FI) gave his terms and pricing for 20 hoods minimum to Ed so
Ed said here is the money for 10 hoods now and pay for the 10 or more
hoods later down the line after we see how they turn out!  


Will said Ok but lets get this done before the end of the year (last
year) because I will be moving my shop at the beginning part of the


Will shipped off 6 hoods so far for people who wanted the hood pins he
opened the sealed boxes to show me the others that have been waiting to
ship one of them was supposed to go out later that day!


By the time Ed had contacted Will about doing the hoods without the hood
pins Will had already made 9 complete hoods and un able to go back and
ad the provisions for the factory hood locks left only 1 left that he
could put the provisions onto but would still have the marks on top for
the aftermarket hood pins.


So Will @(FI) waited months for Ed to send him a stock hood too so he
could start to retro fit the molds and make hardware for the new hoods.


Will told me the commutation has been lost between Ed and him for over 3
months now and at this time he does not know when or if they will
continue with the hoods as they (FI) has not received any money for the
10+ hoods in question!!


So after talking to Will in his shop and comparing the hoods and lock
systems I decided to pick up one of the hoods that he had for hood pins
and this is why.


The hoods that he will be doing next if he does them at all will not
have the safety latch in the center of them there is not enough room to
mount the latch because of the vents directly on top of the latch, I
know some might not care about a safety latch because you are thinking
my hood has never popped up me yet!

But we are talking about a hood that is very light and stiff and only
weighs 11 lbs if the vibration of the hood at high speed causes that
stock hood latch to fail just on one side it will just destroy the hood
and more to be sure of?


My car is used more for show and yes the hood pins look ugly especially
on show cars!

And I will not jeopardize my safety or anyone who drives with me that is
why I choose to go with hood pins.


Also I know what you are thinking now Ok this guy went to (FI) and
picked out the nicest hood they had for his show car! Well I did have 4
to choose from?

But as it turns out there quality is SECOND TO NONE! And I mean that I
would have put anyone of the 4 hoods on my show car so be assured you
are getting a great product from them and you will find none better!


I would contact Ed first thing on Monday or email him to find out WTF is
going on with the hoods.


I hope this long email will help you out and you can also email me for
more photos or questions.


William Stedman 








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