[urq] Megaquirt V2.2 5 cyl configuration

Ben Swann benswann at comcast.net
Wed Apr 25 21:02:33 EDT 2007

Thanks for prior replies and now the Latest - I am trying to figure why I
can't get this engine to start.  Won't even fire when starting fluid is added
despite the presence of strong spark.  It should not be ignition timing as
this is a single window hall distributor and timing is adjusted by ECU and
needs to be in window - which is dead on.

I corrected a problem I found with the cam timing being off as I am using a
supertorque 20V cam sprocket from Techtonics Tuning and the rear mark did not
correspond to the stock 10V cam sprocket - this all of course with a
supertorque belt and crank sprocket from 20V engine.  Anyway the cam timing is
corrected now by remarking ala. 10V and I readjusted the sprocket and set the
hall distributor to be back "in window".  Maybe I need to verify the coil
wires aren't off by one, but there is good strong spark getting through.  Yet
no sign of firing - this will likely be my next check - to rotate the wires by
one in either direction, but basically I have done quite a number of MC single
window setups and this should be correct.

The MS unit is registering the tach signal and indications it is working - and
checked out fine with the stimulator.  I have yet to get the diagnostics light
for MAC-14 hooked up and need to locate some connectors for the early OBD
setup that were cut from the harness.

I disconnected the fuel pump to make sure it wasn't flooded, but after hooking
up and trying again, no start.   Not even trying to fire or even backfire!

Engine does crank rather slowly even with charged battery, but should be
enough to start the car.  When battery is topped off it cranks pretty good.

The engine is a completely rebuilt - bottom end all new - bearings and rings.
Head is rebuilt and tight - NF head on MC-1 block.  Compression is good - need
to reverify, but no reason to suspect this is off.  I worry a little about
cranking on a fresh engine like this, but suppose it happens all the time.

I'd think even if MS were not spraying, I should at least get some action by
using starting fluid or a little gas inserted just after the Throttle body -
put/sprayed into the port the Air Temp sensor for MAC-14 goes and plugged.
That should have at least gotten it to run for a second.




On Apr 25, 2007, at 10:11 AM, Ben Swann wrote:

> I'm getting ready to fire my new engine up - using Megasquirt V.22  
> and MAC-14 for ignition (should be same config. As MAC-11).

> Does anyone have some basic configuration files or screens I can  
> compare with mine.  I'm using Megatune 2.25 (trying to use  MSquirt and
Spark   Extra for MAPdot code, but won't communicate with the V2.2 unit - I
suspect   the 9V battery used for the Stimulator is too low.)  Megatune works
fine   to get my initial setup correct.
> I was looking for some samples on line, but not finding much.   
> Mainly I need to verify injections per. Engine cycle - is it 1 or 5?  It is
a   single window hall sensor, but pulse being generated by the ECU and should
be 5   pulses - 1 per cyl.
> I'm using 37 lb injector, high impedance.  Engine is MC-1 with NF  
> big valve head.Fuel Pressure set at 45PSI.
> TIA for quick replies.

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