[urq] Megaquirt V2.2 5 cyl configuration

Justin cbrooks2 at san.rr.com
Wed Apr 25 21:08:12 EDT 2007

I'm currently running MSnE on my 10vt, with MAC-11 doing the timing.....It
starts and idles fine.....haven't fine tuned it yet, but I could send you
some files if you'd like?
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> Thanks for prior replies and now the Latest - I am trying to figure why I
> can't get this engine to start.  Won't even fire when starting fluid is
> despite the presence of strong spark.  It should not be ignition timing as
> this is a single window hall distributor and timing is adjusted by ECU and
> needs to be in window - which is dead on.
> I corrected a problem I found with the cam timing being off as I am using
> supertorque 20V cam sprocket from Techtonics Tuning and the rear mark did
> correspond to the stock 10V cam sprocket - this all of course with a
> supertorque belt and crank sprocket from 20V engine.  Anyway the cam
timing is
> corrected now by remarking ala. 10V and I readjusted the sprocket and set
> hall distributor to be back "in window".  Maybe I need to verify the coil
> wires aren't off by one, but there is good strong spark getting through.
> no sign of firing - this will likely be my next check - to rotate the
wires by
> one in either direction, but basically I have done quite a number of MC
> window setups and this should be correct.
> The MS unit is registering the tach signal and indications it is working -
> checked out fine with the stimulator.  I have yet to get the diagnostics
> for MAC-14 hooked up and need to locate some connectors for the early OBD
> setup that were cut from the harness.
> I disconnected the fuel pump to make sure it wasn't flooded, but after
> up and trying again, no start.   Not even trying to fire or even backfire!
> Engine does crank rather slowly even with charged battery, but should be
> enough to start the car.  When battery is topped off it cranks pretty
> The engine is a completely rebuilt - bottom end all new - bearings and
> Head is rebuilt and tight - NF head on MC-1 block.  Compression is good -
> to reverify, but no reason to suspect this is off.  I worry a little about
> cranking on a fresh engine like this, but suppose it happens all the time.
> I'd think even if MS were not spraying, I should at least get some action
> using starting fluid or a little gas inserted just after the Throttle
body -
> put/sprayed into the port the Air Temp sensor for MAC-14 goes and plugged.
> That should have at least gotten it to run for a second.
> Ideas?
> Ben
> On Apr 25, 2007, at 10:11 AM, Ben Swann wrote:
> > I'm getting ready to fire my new engine up - using Megasquirt V.22
> > and MAC-14 for ignition (should be same config. As MAC-11).
> > Does anyone have some basic configuration files or screens I can
> > compare with mine.  I'm using Megatune 2.25 (trying to use  MSquirt and
> Spark   Extra for MAPdot code, but won't communicate with the V2.2 unit -
> suspect   the 9V battery used for the Stimulator is too low.)  Megatune
> fine   to get my initial setup correct.
> >
> > I was looking for some samples on line, but not finding much.
> > Mainly I need to verify injections per. Engine cycle - is it 1 or 5?  It
> a   single window hall sensor, but pulse being generated by the ECU and
> be 5   pulses - 1 per cyl.
> >
> > I'm using 37 lb injector, high impedance.  Engine is MC-1 with NF
> > big valve head.Fuel Pressure set at 45PSI.
> >
> > TIA for quick replies.
> Ben
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