[urq] Megaquirt V2.2 5 cyl configuration

Ben Swann benswann at comcast.net
Thu Apr 26 09:35:48 EDT 2007

OK - I changed the wires around - tried 180 out as well as one terminal
clockwise and one terminal counter.  All these changes resulted in slower
cranking.  The best cranking speed is when set with #1 wire over cap terminal
position above the hash mark where I originally had it.  Compared with another
single window UrQ and the wires are in the same position.  I am sure I have
this correct.

Still no fire using ether.  My best guess is it is flooded and plugs may now
be fouled.

Fresh motor - new rings and bearings, but turns freely. Good spark.  I think
it is trying to come to life.

Keep those ideas coming.


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Well - that is what I am trying to determine.  I have the distributor set per
Bentley and other publications - dead on.  But no pictures show how the wires
are supposed to be, that is.

What I am not sure of is which terminal the no. 1 wire should be on.
Presently it is on the one that is directly over the rotor pointing to the
line that rotor is pointing to - hash mark on the distributor that rotor is
lined up with when engine is at TDC no. 1. 

There is no question, I'm getting spark.  The question is if it is happening
at the right time.  It may be very retarded, as I think if it too advanced,
I'd be getting a back fire.


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> But I do have spark - plenty good spark.  I theoretically should be able
> to start this engine for a few seconds by putting fuel or starting fluid in 
> but no go.

No fire with ether?  And yet you have spark... I hate to sound obvious, 
but is the spark near TDC on compression?

Huw Powell

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