[urq] Megaquirt V2.2 5 cyl configuration

Ben Swann benswann at comcast.net
Thu Apr 26 12:54:40 EDT 2007

Dead on!


Piston at top of bore - verified with rod.  TDC mark on flywheel  - pointer at
hash mark/0.  Front of crank sprocket at cover dimple.


Both cam lobes outward - valves closed on #1 TDC.


Distributor rotor on #1 mark per. Bentley et.al.  and set in window.


Spark Plugs - coated wet!  So I'm putting in some fresh plugs.





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Scott - BTDT, but just to satisfy, I'm doing it again.





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Ck TDC again and do it the manual method


Pull the valve cover off, put #1 cam lobe in the correct position, and make
sure the distributor is also at TDC.  Then pull number 1 plug out of the hole
and drop a screwdriver or a zip tie down the hole and roll up to TDC.


I got a dollar your cam/crank timing is off, whatever your marks say.  The
first indication of spark and no start with starting fluid is you're blowing
it thru open valves.


Scott J

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OK - I changed the wires around - tried 180 out as well as one terminal
clockwise and one terminal counter.  All these changes resulted in slower
cranking.  The best cranking speed is when set with #1 wire over cap terminal
position above the hash mark where I originally had it.  Compared with another
single window UrQ and the wires are in the same position.  I am sure I have
this correct.

Still no fire using ether.  My best guess is it is flooded and plugs may now
be fouled.

Fresh motor - new rings and bearings, but turns freely. Good spark.  I think
it is trying to come to life.

Keep those ideas coming.





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